Monday, March 20, 2017


By Jonathan E.P. Moore, and Friends of America!
America First Party members should wonder if Ryan and McConnell have the same balls as Pelosi and Reid did to get the job done? In the upcoming week, we have some big doings going on with the Healthcare repeal and replace, then the investigation into the “Wiretapping” tweet accusation of President Trump into the always honest ex-President’s ‘possible’ indictable actions, and then the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch. We already know that when it comes to the outsider nonpolitician that there’s a double standard, and that double standard only protects the bipartisan members of the Congressional ‘Garden Party.’
Obama care was passed with smoke and mirrors by using reconciliation, and then adjusted later by Obama through unconstitutional Executive Orders, and for Ryan to sit there and tell the American people that it will take three phases, because that's what the ‘process’ dictates, is just another excuse to slow walk the ‘Will’ of the American people's mandate, and undermine Trump and his America first agenda by President Trump’s supposed ally’s, Paul Ryan and  Mitch McConnell!
If the ‘Paid to Report’ Media were doing their job and weren’t hiding behind the ‘reliable source’ line of defense, and lecturing the American people about how the free press is important to our Democracy BS, but maintain the two lane fair and balanced highway to reporting, and not taking the one way road to a dead end, then this country, under this past unconstitutional elected President would have turned out much different, and President Trump would never been have come out of the shadows and out of his tower to help make America great again! TRUMP IS OBAMA'S LEGACY, AND THE DEM'S HAVE NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME BUT THEMSELVES FOR THEIR CLANDESTINE SOCIALIALIST AGENDA POLICIES! 
Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Hearings are also about to start, and you better know that if Ryan and McConnell don’t take the time to do what the Dems would have done if Hillary would had won, and proven with the stacking of the lower court’s appeals system with progressive left jurists before the 2014 midterms, then they’re not the men for the job, and President Trump should ask them to step down!
‘America First’s Party old timers are trying to bring back government through legislation using debate and compromise, and even though we should admire that, it’s a far cry from the Dem’s ‘End justifies the means’ mantra, and shouldn’t be the focus now! They should be focused on using the ‘nuclear option,’ to take care of Healthcare and Voter ID laws before the 2018 midterms. They must use the ‘nuclear option’ to pass mandatory laws that make states scrub their voter rolls of the dead from the record, and prevent illegals who don't have the right to vote, and being encouraged by a sitting President to vote illegally with no consequences, should be near the top of Trump's 'to do' list. Obama won in 2012 with voter fraud, and after being tipped off by Pro Conservative venues and Social Media, abandoned the attempt in 2016, and lost! If you already know that the ‘New’ Socialist Party’ believes in ‘the end justifies the end’ then you should know that ‘Voter ID’ is crucial to this country’s sovereignty and Constitutional Republic in the 2018 midterms!  ~~
If Hillary won, and Dems retook the Senate, you would have to expect Dems to use the Nuclear Option for a Supreme Court nominee!
Harry Reid was the first to use the Nuclear Option, on November 21, 2013, when under his direction, the bare majority of Democrats in the Senate removed the ability to filibuster for judicial nominees below the U.S. Supreme Court level, and we are now witnessing the result of this being imposed and threatening the safety of the American people when Obama appointed judge Derrick Watson, a fellow Harvard graduate who visited Watson within 48 hours of his ruling! Hmmm...!
President Trump and his sole right to protect the American people, has had his revised Executive Order stopped again, and even Throughout the ruling, Judge Watson concedes there’s nothing about the executive order that would be problematic if not for his interpretation of Trump’s statements made in the months and years prior to issuing it. He repeatedly states his feeling that Trump had a bad motive in issuing the order.
Judges using campaign rhetoric to infer intent instead of plainly evaluating the law as written is a dangerous development. Also, because the public can witness the selective use of this trick, it undermines confidence in the judiciary at a time when the judiciary can’t afford too much erosion of trust.
That allowed Obama to stuff the federal courts full of nominees and to alter the balance on some of the crucial federal courts of appeal. By the time the Republicans retook the Senate, it the horses had left the barn.
That use of the Nuclear Option was predicted to be the first step, with the inevitability that if Democrats ever retook the Senate with a Democratic President in place, the Nuclear Option would be used for U.S. Supreme Court vacancies as well. Reid didn’t need to go that far in 2013, because there were no vacancies to be filled on the U.S. Supreme Court at the time.
Now there is a vacancy with the death of Antonin Scalia.
If there were any doubt that Reid took the move with the Supreme Court in mind, he just removed that doubt in an interview with Talking Points Memo, Harry Reid’s Parting Shot: Dems Will Nuke The Filibuster For SCOTUS:
“Outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said he is confident that he has laid the groundwork for Democrats to nuke the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees if they win back the Senate in November.
Envisioning Hillary Clinton in the White House and Democrats controlling the Senate, Reid warned that if a Senate Republican minority block her Supreme Court nominee, he is confident the party won’t hesitate to change the filibuster rules again.
Such a move would be an extension of what Reid did in 2013 when he was still majority leader, eliminating filibusters (with a simple majority vote) on the President’s nominees. There was only one exception: the Supreme Court. As it stands now, Democrats still need 60 votes to move forward with a Supreme Court nominee.
Reid said, however, that could change!
“I really do believe that I have set the Senate so when I leave, we’re going to be able to get judges done with a majority. It takes only a simple majority anymore. And, it’s clear to me that if the Republicans try to filibuster another circuit court judge, but especially a Supreme Court justice, I’ve told ’em how and I’ve done it, not just talking about it. I did it in changing the rules of the Senate. It’ll have to be done again,” Reid told TPM in a wide-ranging interview about his time in the Senate and his legacy.
If Democrats retake the Senate, majority leader Schumer will have to decide whether to go nuclear. Harry Reid gave Schumer the weapon and the justification.
Of course, that works in both directions, something I pointed out after Reid nuked the judicial filibuster:
“Decades of negative and destructive policies can be reversed with a bare majority. Obamacare can be repealed with a bare majority. True Conservative Judges will not be banished due to a filibuster threat.
Yes, it’s true that the absence of a filibuster could accelerate the destructive policies. That fear is justified, particularly as to the judiciary. But face it, we were headed there anyway unless drastic action was taken.
That drastic action took place yesterday. By Democrats.
Now at least we have a chance to achieve previously unimaginable progress in a single presidential term if we also have bare majorities in Congress and a President with the willpower. It will take only one such term.
The ratchet has been broken. And opportunity created, even if dependent upon future electoral success.
It’s now up to us to seize the opportunity!
Of course, for Republicans to use the Nuclear Option as to the Supreme Court would take three things: (1) Trump winning the presidency, (2) Republicans holding the Senate, and (3) Republican Senators being willing to play smash mouth as aggressively as Harry Reid and Democrats do.
No. 1 seems increasingly unlikely; No. 2 is a toss-up; No. 3 probably will not happen, as a Republican Senate would probably wimp out. ~~by William A. Jacobson, a Friend of America! 
July 9, 2014
President Barack Obama couldn’t be fond of distracting from his own failures by complaining about Congress, but his allies in the Senate can’t be very happy with the added scrutiny.
Democrats controlled the Senate back in 2014, and their leaders have brought “the world's greatest deliberative body” to a near standstill. Thanks to Democrats’ obstruction, true consideration of legislation is now a thing of the past, and they’re making history for all the wrong reasons.
While Senate Democratic leaders cracked down on anything that even remotely resembled real progress, the House has done just the opposite under Speaker Boehner’s leadership – resulting in dozens of bipartisan jobs bills collecting dust on Senator Reid’s desk.
Now, the do-nothing Senate is drawing criticism:
“Senate Democrats proposed 676 amendments in the last year but were allowed votes on all of seven. Republicans proposed 812 and got votes on 11. Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has been allowed twice as many amendment votes (15) in the Republican House in the last year than Mr. Reid has allowed his entire Senate caucus.” (The Wall Street Journal)
“While the House continues to churn through its share of annual spending bills for the federal government, the Senate is mired in a procedural standoff[.] … Rather than using the 10-day recess for the Independence Day holiday to reach a deal with McConnell, Reid on Monday escalated the fight…” (The Washington Post)
“The atmosphere in the Senate has soured due to Senator Reid’s stranglehold on the legislative process. It has been made worse by his failure to keep his repeated — and very specific — promise to follow the Senate’s rules.” (National Review)
“Reid has clamped down on the traditional right of freewheeling debate and amendment.” (Associated Press)
“[Senate Democrats’] leaders are going to remarkable lengths to protect endangered Democrats from casting tough votes and to deny Republicans legislative victories in the midst of the campaign. … The Senate's masters of process are finding a variety of ways to shut down debate.” (Associated Press)
“[T]he majority leader is now facing growing pressure from fellow Democrats agitating over the lack of votes on amendments, a central aspect of legislating in the Senate. … Since joining the Senate in January 2013, the 12 freshmen Democrats have not had a single vote on the floor on any amendment bearing any of their names as the lead sponsor. … ‘I got more substance on the floor of the House in the minority than I have as a member of the Senate majority,’ said [Chris] Murphy [(D-CT).]” (Politico)
“U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. … took the bill off the agenda of the Senate Judiciary Committee he chairs just as the measure appeared to be nearing a vote. … Leahy said he was essentially forced to drop the bill by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.” (Burlington Free Press)
“‘I’ve never been in a less productive time in my life than I am right now, in the United States Senate,’ Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who has not received roll-call vote on an amendment since June of last year, told Time magazine last week.” (The Hill)
If Senate Democratic leaders are shirking their real responsibilities so much, just how are they spending their time, exactly?  Oh, that’s right:
“In a year during which little of consequence is being done in the Senate, hardly a week goes by in which Reid doesn’t take to the floor to attack the Kochs’ influence in politics. Since late January, Reid has mentioned the Kochs in 22 separate floor speeches, calling them out about 250 times...” (Politico)
While Republicans have made the American people’s priorities our priorities, Senate Democrats are obsessed and focused solely on what Politico describes as “a highly unusual election-year campaign against a couple of relatively unknown private citizens.” The contrast couldn’t be any starker. ~~By Matt Wolking, a Friend of America!
With Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announcing that he won't seek re-election in 2016, this may be a rare instance in which the retirement of an incumbent is a relief to his party.
Now Democrats can run a fresh face unburdened by Reid's record of political vilification, obstruction and disrespect for the Senate's traditions.
Whether it was railing at the Koch brothers or Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., or casting unsubstantiated allegations about Mitt Romney, Reid used his perch to spew rhetoric and allegations better fit for Media Matters. It was not only the utter falsity of his claims that stood out but also their personalized and nasty tone.
Opponents were deemed to be out to wreck America and perhaps engaged in illegal activities. He did more than any Senate leader I can recall to poison the political debate and drag the Senate into the mud.
It was, however, Reid's years of obstruction — “filling the tree” to prevent amendments, refusing to take votes, defying calls to pass a budget — that were his defining “contribution” during the Obama years. It eventually cost his party the Senate majority when his members could not explain to voters why they had accomplished so little. Most damaging, his refusal to take a vote with veto-proof support for Menendez-Kirk sanctions against Iran allowed the Obama administration to continue its road to appeasement, which may very well result in a tragically awful deal, WHICH IT DID, and If so, part of the responsibility will rest with Reid.
To this day, he continues to obstruct passage of an overwhelmingly positive anti-human-trafficking bill out of deference to the radical pro-abortion lobby, which belatedly discovered language it finds objectionable.
And finally, he used the “nuclear” option to jam through presidential appointments and lower-court judges, setting up a standard that may be reintroduced or expanded (to legislation or to Supreme Court nominees) by subsequent leaders. The result will be a class of appointees who can be excessively partisan and obviously unqualified, who may be confirmed strictly as a matter of partisan loyalty. That is bad for both parties and for Congress.
And, of course, it was his controversial use of reconciliation that allowed ObamaCare to be put through even after the election of Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., deprived the Democrats of a filibuster-proof majority. The hasty and unprecedented nature of his maneuvers resulted in a poorly drafted and constructed bill, the ramifications of which the Supreme Court is still pondering.
Even if Democrats keep the Nevada seat, Republicans should rejoice. While Reid's possible replacements, including Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., are wily adversaries, any would improve the functioning and comity of the Senate. ~~By Jennifer Rubin is a Washington Post columnist.
Nuclear Options: GOP Should Call Harry Reid’s Bluff
November 20, 2013
Way back in 2005, when Republicans were threatening Democrats with the nuclear option, The New York Times, in an op-ed titled “Walking in the Opposition’s Shoes,” called the filibuster a “peculiar but effective form of government America cherishes.” To weaken the procedure, it argued, could mean mutually assured political destruction.
That was then. This week, Harry Reid will insist that Republicans allow up-or-down votes on all three of Obama’s nominees to the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals: Patricia Millet, Cornelia Pillard and Robert Wilkins. A number of previously restrained Democrats have now signed on to “reform” the filibuster. And if Republicans fail to comply on all three nominees, Reid promises to change Senate rules and limit the filibuster — more than likely establishing a precedent that will end the minority party’s ability to slow nominees of all types, and more. Much more. If history is any indication, once a parliamentary change is deployed, there’s little chance that future Senates, run by either party, will be able to resist and the ensuing arms race will effectively kill the filibuster.
Now, the argument that filibustering judicial nominees is extra-Constitutional may be convincing, but Reid – who may be in the running for the most patently hypocritical politicians of our time — isn’t making that argument:
“We need to do something to allow government to function. I’m considering looking at the rules. Let me just give a mini, mini-lecture on this. The Founding Fathers never had any place in the Constitution about filibusters are extended debate.”
 “All this sacred nature of this filibuster? I think what we need and what the American people want is to get things done around here,” he added.
Despite concerted effort by Democrats to create the impression that there’s something unprecedented going on, none of the above is exactly true. By any standard, government is “functioning” (though, often poorly). The electorate isn’t showing up at Townhall meetings demanding that the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals be fully stocked with progressive judges. And, as Reid well knows, the filibuster comports with the spirit of the Constitution quite well.
It’s worth remembering that in 2005, Reid didn’t merely argue that changing the Senate rules was a “raw abuse of power and will destroy the very checks and balances our founding fathers put in place to prevent absolute power by any one branch of government,” he argued that even the “threat” of the nuclear option would decimate checks and balances. Those comments were made in the context of judges, as well. These days, Reid regularly let’s fly with the nuclear threat – and not only when it comes to judicial nominees.
When Reid dropped the threat this summer, John McCain took over negotiations and Republicans quickly relinquished their duty to vet nominees thoroughly. Democrats walked away with Richard Cordray at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Gina McCarthy at the EPA and Thomas Perez as Labor Secretary. At the time, Reid not only insisted that Republicans surrender on the threat of filibustering current nominees, but that they promise to never use the filibuster against any of Obama’s appointments in the future. He almost got everything. These weren’t judges.
What Reid surely learned was that you don’t need the nuclear option, you only need the threat.
Back in 2005, the GOP tried similar intimidation (and those Republicans who were there then and grumble about Reid now, are hypocrites, as well) before seven defected to the Gang of 14 and diffused the showdown. As the New York Times reported, at the time Reid even “praised [President] Bush’s support for “an independent judiciary,” then called on him to ask Senate Republicans to drop their threats to change the rules.”
Today? Well, it’s basically come down to the departing Carl Levin, who has suggested that the Senate start enforce rules that would demand a real-time Ted Cruz type filibuster rather than effectively eliminate the filibuster. “What would that accomplish?” Reid replied when asked about the idea. “I love Carl Levin, he’s one of my friends, we’re going to miss him very much. But the world’s not like it was 30 years ago, Different world here.”
The majority party always believes the minority is irrationally obstructionist.  It’s a “different world” because the party administering checks on power happens to be the wrong one. Other than that, the world is very much the same. And it’s going to be much the same moving forward. Which is to say, complicated.
So the question is: would Reid really going to blow up the Senate for some D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals judges? It seems improbable. But if he does, the GOP, should they ever return to power, will have the justification it needs to undo Obamacare – or pretty much anything they please – with their own majority. If the filibuster is neither sacred nor a check on power, there is no reason for legislation or cabinet nominees to be immune from the up-or-down vote. It’s going to mean a lot less stability in DC, a lot more seesawing legislation, and more severe partisanship than anyone in the Senate could possibly desire.
Or, perhaps Reid is so certain that the GOP will capitulate, he feels comfortable issuing ultimatums he knows he’ll never have to follow through on. Well, if Republicans surrender each time Reid threatens them, they have effectively rendered the filibuster useless. They’d be better off checking and taking a look at Reid’s hand. Because as much as some of us believe that the filibuster is an important tool in a healthy Republic, unilateral disarmament in politics only leads to disaster. ~~By David Harsanyi, a Friend of America
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