Friday, July 14, 2017


By Jonathan E.P. Moore, and Friends of America! 
I know, and so should you, that all Americans that still believe in America and our Constitution 'SHOULD' be feeling the same disconnect with our elected officials that I do! They also believe  they know what's best for America, and what’s best for the American people and the individual party's constituents, who they think, can’t be trusted to do the right thing when it comes to the future of America, or making any decisions on their own pertaining to their own lives!
We have the ‘left’ making your personal obstacle course and maze of life 'HELL' by telling you which way to go, and once getting you through that one gate that they recommend, closing that option and the door behind you, and encouraging you to move through the next gate, and again closing that gate behind you! What you might not understand is that ever since the first Federal Income Tax was charged to the American people back on August 5, 1861, they have been closing those gates behind us, and to be more than accurate, slicing and dicing, taxing and spending, lying and cheating, and buying votes ever since!
Did you notice that there is nothing about cell phones, unemployment insurance, Healthcare insurance, supporting unvetted illegal immigrants and refugees, 17 intelligent agencies, and every other entitlement or Bureaucratic Controls that every hardworking American taxpayer is stuck paying for every April 15th? Back in the beginning that first Federal Tax money was collected for one, and only one reason, to support the military during the Civil War, the war by the way was against slavery, and nothing else?
I’ve witnessed the feckless operation of almost every government agency that I have dealt with my whole lifetime, and that’s a long time, so why would anybody in their right mind, except for the trained and specifically educated experts who run our military, want the nepotism of our government employees to be given another chance to prove just how inept our government has become when taking care of the business of the people!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every time something is needed by society over the last 156 years, the private sector, because of America’s open market abilities and freedoms with its risk and reward has delivered! There is too much intervention by the government in American’s lives, and when the progressive left tell the American people that Social Security and Medicare are entitlements, when those of us have spent our whole lives paying into it, then you know it’s time to drain the ‘Swamp,’ enforce mandatory term limits either by legislation or consciously doing it on your own every 12 years! Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if the Republicans on the Obamacare repeal and replace argument just repeals it, and gives the private sector, while the government at the same time works on the problem through mutual collaboration with the private sector! The people will be protected by the great system that the Democrats shoved down the throats of the American people known as Obamacare, so there's no reason to worry, and because of that, every American, except for the ones on their employer plans, 'because they’re working,' will be covered and getting what they want and need, and the repeal and replacement will get done!
The American people, especially the ones who really care about this country and the futures of their children, and their children’s children need to know, is that if you’re a Democrat, and there's is no problem with that, but what  you don't understand, and missing, is that the ‘Progressive’ left branch of your party is driving you down the wrong path, and delivering a different message that is nowhere near the same message that wouldn’t have been delivered by the traditional branch of the same party, and the one I remember growing up with. The Republican Party has the ‘New’ America First branch, and the Democrats need to drain their own ‘Swamp,’ and move back to the center where bipartisanship and mutual collaboration with the Republicans can exist!
The new distraction by the Progressive left for this week is Donald Trump Jr's. treasonous meeting with the Lawyer from Russia for the sole purpose of digging up some dirt on Hillary is the current status quo of every politician, and nothing new to politics, but didn't take place after all because of the facts about the meeting wasn't going to be what it seemed. Now remember this is before or the same time Obama was told about the possible attempted hacking by Russia, or, wait a minute, was it the cause of the red alert before the Russian Collaboration was even the narrative coming from the the left because his 17 Intel agencies were banking on the possibilities of it being used should Trump win the Presidency? Now that I think about it, long after Manafort was gone, could this be the reason why there are 6 investigations looking into the Russian collusion without any facts yet being exposed since then? Did they also, after Flynn was fired, the intentional cause for the reason why Flynn's security clearance 'wasn’t' revoked when it should have, and the intentional cause why Flynn was able to take money for speaking engagements in Turkey, and at same time Flynn was standing behind Trump’s Presidency, and one of the first, if not the first endorsement that then candidate Trump received when he first decided to run for the office?  .....coincidence?
Those 545 human beings (Congress) spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault. They cooperate in this common con regardless of party. What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall and the ability to lie to you with a straight face. They are experts of avoiding the facts that back the truth of any situation, they double down and support whatever their party supposedly represent no matter if their constituency believes it or not! The real problem in American politics these days, no matter what party you're affiliated with, are these newbie members of Congress that come to Washington thinking they can ideologically make a difference, and with those ideals etched in their subconscious, believe politics is where they belong, unfortunately they eventually leave, and depending on the way the financial winds blow, most of them leave with their pockets full of cash while making someone else’s political sponsored dream come true! After these newbies get to Washington they take ‘Handout 101,’ and while giving up on their own vision of change and making America great again, decide to make themselves rich, and at the same time come to the understanding that their higher calling and wanting to do the thing, has turned out to be about the dollars and cents, and not about doing the right thing! These political pipe dreams in the beginning just turn out to be delusions of grandeur, and another notch on life's belt of accomplishments that don't meet up to the expectations of their perfect political life's mirage! 
When it comes to what’s affecting the American people and its government, it's the dishonesty that comes from outside interests that can bribe both sides of the aisle! These special interests, in order to get the ball rolling on legislation that would be unfair to American worker, and known as TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) on trade, decided to give our elected officials a little incentive to help jump start the legislation,  Mitch McConnell, along with a lot of other Republican moochers, received millions in payment for their vote. McConnell got the most at $9.5 Million, but I’m beginning to wonder what his bribed obligations might be when it comes to the simple and fixable repeal and replace of Obamacare, and the obstruction and resistance he’s applying because he’s not allowing the bill to be split in two for an easy repeal? I’m hearing, and  beginning to agree with Rand Paul, that the current proposals won’t do what the American people voted for President Trump to do, and that is to repeal and replace Obamacare, and if the taxes and subsides that for the most part, remain intact, then it goes against the ‘Will’ of the American people, and President Trump’s mandate to repeal and replace…….! But only time will tell!
I could go on, and like always will continue to do so down the road in a future article, but for now I know that America, as a country, leads, which is why the world looks up to the United States! The American people aren’t stupid, and if the left thinks that they can pull a fast one by having a federal voter ID law blocked so that they’re unvetted illegal immigrants and refugees can cast a vote in the 2018 midterms, than think again, and know, unlike Obama’s words in the last election of no repercussions if illegally voting, then know that there will be severe consequences this time around for anyone that thinks Obama's promises will be upheld!
Healthcare is the prime-time topic of the week, and the ‘Paid to Report’ Media has decided that there is no way in Hell, that the Republican version of the repeal and replacement of Obamacare will pass, and to that I say amen! Do you remember when Obama had his green agenda and wasted countless of Billions with 'not' one company not going bankrupt, then we had the left’s version of their healthcare law known as Obamacare, and the Billions wasted on the website and the failing states exchanges .... enough said, and now we have these chicken shit Republicans who hold the house, Senate, and White House who care more about preserving their status quo position in Congress than they do about the American people’s Healthcare needs! Republicans are afraid of getting it wrong, but at the same time making sure their ‘sugar daddies’ outside interests are happy, and continue to support and sponsor their 31st, 32nd, 33rd, and 34th, years in Congress!
What really gets me about the repeal and replacement of Obamacare is that the individual Progressive Democrat Senators are wanting you to believe that they will not vote to save their own constituencies lives, and probably, like Harry Reid did when tabling 367 legislatively passed House Bills, that he never put forward on the Senate floor because he didn’t want to have the Senators on the cusp of possibly losing their reelection bids, wouldn’t have to commit to an on the record side of any issue, but rather sit on the fence and not be held accountable for their opinion, and at the same time gave President Obama the opportunity and the excuse to use his famous "Pen and Phone" because of the do-nothing Congress!  It didn’t work then, and they lost the Senate majority in 2014 to the Republicans, and it won’t work with the American people when it comes to the seriousness of the failing Obamacare that they shoved down the throat of the American people! 
The Dems are calling a foul on the Republicans attempt to repeal and find a replacement options that the Republicans are trying to put forward and pass, but all of a sudden, the Dems after 5 months, are demanding a bipartisan effort to ensure the passage of the fixes, but not the repeal to make sure that the taxes and subsides remain intact for the taxpayer to have to continue to pay. I say to Mitch McConnell, call for the vote, and make the left’s membership of the Senate go to the line to shoot (vote) those penalty shots that they have so justly earned! I say force those Progressive Dems of Congress to commit to one side or the other, and that means going on the record for all of the Progressive’s constituency to see!

Today, 7/14/2017, Chuck-e 'Cheesy' Schumer continues to block President Trump's nominees, and now doing it because of the Obamacare's repeal and replacement by the Republican's, and getting revenge!

Rand Paul has a simple and quick solution to the healthcare problem, but I believe that it should just collapse and fall back onto the Medicare and Medicaid 'preexisting' systems that were there before Obamacare was forced down the throats of every American business, and let the private sector find away, like American ingenuity and innovation has done for generations. I believe that being either a large cap corporation or mom and pa shop shouldn't matter, and that's because of Obama's 'separate but equal' choking regulations, taxes, and mandates that have smothered, robbed the whole spectrum of America's demographic hierarchy from the poorest to the richest for the last 8 years! I know that you can't just let Obamacare collapse, so, take the 5 minutes it will take to repeal, support a 1 year safety net, but not bailing out the insurance companies whose bottom lines have swelled under Obamacare, pass some kind of tort reform to protect the doctors who can’t practice because the insurance premiums and penalties are too high for them to be able stay in business, and then let the private sector and the government healthcare committees do their thing, and then work out the details with a private sector initiative that leaves the government out of it ‘almost’ completely! 
So, let’s see what you missed in the last 6 months because of the lack of coverage of the historic amounts of accomplishments that this outsider non-politician’s cabinet has done to help America to be great again, and let’s check out the obstruction and resistance that the progressive left has thrown on to the future path of America like spike strips that the police use to stop fleeing criminals in stolen automobiles!
The very first Income tax is what gave the politicians on the left and the right the ability to buy votes through favors and Quid Pro Quo, and when needed, backing interstate projects that are perceived needed by the businesses and constituents of those individual states! This my friends is what and why pay-to-play continues on today, and why buying votes is the reason why these entitlement programs exist today, and why federal voter ID laws, because of the influx of unvetted illegal immigrants and refugees, should be at the top of the list when it comes to this administration's legislative priorities!
August 5th, 1861
On this day in 1861, Lincoln imposes the first federal income tax by signing the Revenue Act. Strapped for cash with which to pursue the Civil War, Lincoln and Congress agreed to impose a 3 percent tax on annual incomes over $800. "The beginning of the end!" 
Liberals keep saying, “If Obamacare is so terrible, what is your solution.” Conservatives keep saying, “If the GOP replacement is so bad, what is your solution.”
So, here’s the answer from a common sense, small businessman and S.O.B. (son of a butcher). Why does healthcare have to be so complicated? Why is Obamacare 2,000 pages long, with billions in spending and nonstop regulations?
How about repealing and replacing Obamacare with one page, two tiers and seven simple points:
#1) Keep government OUT of it. Don't let government run anything. New York City’s subway system is failing this summer. Everything is broken. Subway cars are being held together with staples and bubble gum. Commuters are waiting for hours in sweltering heat. It’s pure misery. The MTA Chairman’s response? “Commuters should leave for work earlier.”
This is government. Government does not work. Government can’t make the subways run on time. Or run at all. Government can’t run the VA. They put vets on waiting lists to die. Government can’t run Amtrak. Government can’t win the war on drugs. Government fails at whatever it does- and it fails expensively.
So, you want government running your healthcare?
If anyone should run it, give the healthcare system to Amazon or Google or Walmart! But never government.
#2) "Model" our system after Singapore.
A) Everyone pays up to the first $10,000 in healthcare bills themselves.
They do it with a $10,000 Health Savings account- which is 100% tax deductible.
B) For all the costs over $10,000, everyone must buy a cheap, no-frills, bare-bones, catastrophic health insurance policy. That will cost something like $100 to $200 per month.
Simple. Cheap. Easy. Doable.
The federal government guarantees all your bills over $10,000 are paid by the insurance companies, just like it currently guarantees your bank accounts.
So, American middle-class families will never go broke from a healthcare crisis or catastrophe. Everything over $10K in a year is covered. Just like car insurance, the little bills are your responsibility. But they are 100% tax deductible.
On the mandate issue, both Democrats and Republicans have it wrong. There is a “mandate” with my plan. Just like everyone must carry car insurance, everyone must take a simple, cheap, no-frills, bare-bones insurance policy. But not the onerous, super-expensive mandate Obama demanded. Obama’s mandate bankrupted the entire middle class.
Who can’t afford $100 to $200 per month? THAT’S what should have been the national plan from day one.
#3) You can buy your policy anywhere- across state lines. Watch costs come down dramatically.
#4) You can buy your prescriptions anywhere- across country lines. Buy your prescriptions in Mexico, Canada, or Switzerland- wherever it’s cheapest. Watch costs come down dramatically.
#5) Mandate that doctors and hospitals post prices for every procedure online- so you can pick your doctor based on affordability. Watch costs come down dramatically.
#6) Tort reform- limit the lawsuit rewards. Patients have a right to sue, but not win the lottery. Watch costs come dramatically down.
#7) Make preventative health our national priority- your gym membership, home gym equipment, vitamins, herbs and holistic doctor visits are the way to make America healthy again. So, make it all 100% tax deductible under your Health Savings Account.
#8) No matter what Congress passes, they have to live by the exact same rules as the rest of us.
That’s "Tier One."
That leaves one missing link- the poor. They get their own system.
Call it: "Tier Two."
The poor get some version of government-run healthcare. It’s cheap and no-frills, but free. But it doesn’t affect the rest of us. It doesn’t ruin my healthcare. Why should the rest of us be affected in any way by the healthcare for the poor? Government never should have gone near our healthcare. Just come up with a separate government-run plan for poor people.
But here's the powerful new wrinkle...
There’s a work requirement. Everyone who gets free government-run healthcare must work. Just as many states have put a work requirement on welfare or food stamps. Guess what happened? The rolls dropped by 50%, thereby saving taxpayers billions of dollars.
You want free healthcare? If you don’t want to work, you don’t get the check. From now on, you want healthcare paid by government, you’ll get a job, or the government will provide one.
That solves another problem. There are way too many government employees- about 22 million nationwide. Most getting bloated salaries and unaffordable pensions. How about replacing millions of them with all these people who need free healthcare? They'll get their free government-run healthcare, but they'll save taxpayers a fortune. They'll replace government workers.
No more $100,000 salaries and pensions for life. All these free healthcare recipients can sit in government offices for free, while they collect free healthcare. They can hand out welfare checks and food stamps. Or build bridges and roads. Or direct traffic. Or run daycare centers. This what they have to do in return for free healthcare- they get to become "civil servants." Instead of costing taxpayers billions, they'll save us billions.
No one gets a free ride. America is great again. America is fair again. Healthcare SOLVED.
Forget Obamacare....Ryancare...McConnellcare...Let's try... Rootcare. ~~By Wayne Allyn Root, ‘always’ a Friend of America!
WASHINGTON –  All White House nominees will be blocked. That's right: every single one.
That's the word from Sen. Charles Schumer's office, which released a statement on Friday saying that Senate Democrats plan "to hold nominations until the White House commits to stop abusing the advice and consent process."
Schumer's release followed a statement by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (search), D-S.D., on the Senate floor Friday, in which he vowed to make life difficult for the president's nominees as long as Bush keeps using his recess appointment power to install the ones Democrats oppose.
"This White House is insisting on a departure from historic and constitutional practices," Daschle said. "At no point has a president ever used a recess appointment to install a rejected nominee onto the federal bench, and there are intonations there will be even more recess appointments in the coming months.
"We will continue to cooperate in the confirmation of federal judges, but only if the White House gives us the assurance that they will no longer abuse the process, but it will once again respect our Constitution's essential system of checks and balances," Daschle said.
The Senate has approved the vast majority of President Bush's nominees, but six have been blocked by Democrats. Two were later appointed by Bush during congressional recesses, a maneuver that is supposed to be reserved for an emergency, but has occasionally been used by administrations as a way to avoid a Senate confirmation vote.
"We'd hoped for a different result, but the administration has left us no choice. I ask my Republican colleagues to reach out to the administration and urge them to return this process to its traditions of bipartisanship and cooperation," he said.
A White House spokeswoman told that the Democrats' decision is obstructionist.
"It's unfortunate the lengths that Sen. Daschle and a minority of Senate Democrats will go to obstruct the nomination process. At a time when we need our government to be at full strength, he is suggesting that we leave these critical seats empty, and the American people deserve better," said spokeswoman Erin Healy. ~~ Fox News
The Democratic Senate has been slow to confirm the federal judicial nominees chosen by the president, withholding "blue slips" from the Judiciary Committee that would allow them to elect judges. The White House Press Office shared a Washington Post briefing of the situation, calling it an “obstruction alert”. The Democrats’ reluctance to submit the slips slows the process of nomination, frustrating the Judiciary Committee.
Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC, said, "Senate Democrats are using every weapon in their arsenal to delay President Trump's nominees and ignore the will of the American people."
The “blue slip” is a tradition that allows senators to give advice concerning prospective judges from their home states. The two senators write their opinions of that nominee on the slip or withhold it altogether. If both senators object to the appointee, either by writing or withholding, the Judiciary Committee can be blocked from appointing the judicial nominee.
While withholding the slips has slowed down the progress of the majority, it is not strictly required to appoint a judge. According to the Washington Times, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the Judiciary Committee chairman, might change the practice for the circuit court nominees. In a May interview with The Hill, he said that are "more exceptions to the blue-slip rule," at the circuit court level.
According to an unnamed official of Trump’s administration, the White House has tried to involve senators early on in picking nominees:
“The administration has been seeking consultation from home-state senators for months – even as senators frequently fail to return our calls, don’t respond to our inquiries and otherwise avoid our constant overtures.”
Senators who have not returned the blue slips to the committee include Sens. Bob Casey (D-PA,) Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Al Franken (D-MN), as well as Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Gary Peters (D-MI).
In an email, Max Steele, spokesman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, defended Sen. Casey's unresponsiveness on Third Circuit nominee Stephanos Bibas: "Before launching these absurd attacks, Republicans should get their basic facts straight. Mr. Bibas' paperwork was received by the Senate Judiciary Committee late last night and only forwarded on to Senator Casey's office this morning ..." Steele later writes that the senator "will continue to evaluate candidates as the administration puts their names forward."
The Trump official said of the justices under consideration, “These are consensus picks who would receive unanimous support if offered by any other administration.” ~~ By Anna Timmis, a Friend of America!
Senate Democrats are now resorting to “petty” but historically unprecedented methods to obstruct President Trump’s efforts to run the nation and take America forward. There are some annoying numbers to consider from studies compiled by the White House and the Republican National Committee, based on multiple sources from the press, pollsters and researchers.
And here we go: Consider that of Mr. Trump’s 197 nominations to federal agencies, only 48 have been confirmed. Only two of his 23 judicial nominations have the green light. In total, less than a quarter of the president’s nominations _ 23 percent — are a go, this almost six months after he was inaugurated. By comparison, at this point during President Barack Obama’s tenure, 69 percent of his nominations had been confirmed.
“Senate Democrats have delayed and stalled on confirming crucial appointments and nominations made by President Trump by putting nominees through time-consuming parliamentary procedures not seen by past administrations,” the GOP notes in its analyses, which gets into the nitty-gritty of the process.
“Democrats in the Senate have allowed only 10 percent of President Trump’s confirmations to happen by voice vote, while more than 90 percent of President Obama’s were confirmed by a simple voice vote by this point in 2009. The average time it takes for the Senate to confirm a Trump nominee compared to past administrations is the highest in recent history, at 43 days,” the analysis said.
The president’s nominees have faced the “burdensome hurdle of a cloture vote 30 times so far” compared to Mr. Obama’s nominees. Only eight of them encountered cloture motions by the August recess. Fourteen of Mr. Trump’s Cabinet nominees faced a cloture vote, compared to 11 for all previous presidents combined, the GOP said.
“Democrats have tried to slow the process, invoking arcane parliamentary procedure to force delays and boycotting committee meetings to prevent votes. Some Democrats have even admitted they are doing so for political revenge,” the GOP noted. ~~By Jennifer Harper, a Friend of America!
 And I say to that, "he who laughs last, laughs best!"
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