Monday, June 26, 2017


By Jonathan E.P. Moore, and Friends of America!
President Donald Trump is quite pleased with today's Supreme Court decision (9-0) reinstating the majority of the "travel ban" until the court can come to a decision this fall. The court overturned decisions from state courts and said that people from the six listed countries that lacked "bona fide" reasons to come to the United States can be blocked from entry.
I don’t quite understand what’s going on when I hear Chuck-e Schumer on Sunday talk shows saying:
“Democrats need a strong, bold, sharp-edged and common-sense economic agenda,’’ Schumer said. “Policy, platform, message that appeal to the middle class, that resonate with the middle class.’’
..WHAT?? You mean to tell me that it won’t be a continuation of the Alinskyites tax and spend, and over regulating America’s top companies to the point of them going back, before President Trump, to leaving America for more favorable accommodations.
Democrats have been losing elections by not offering voters a bold economic agenda, and the party plans to change that by releasing a platform within a month that won’t be “baby steps,’’ Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said.
The party’s lawmakers will try to pass the plan legislatively over the next year -- a remote possibility given Republican control of Congress -- and will campaign on it during the 2018 mid-term elections, Schumer said on ABC’s “This Week’’ program on Sunday.
With Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, and Democrats unable to score a win in recent special elections for open congressional seats, the party’s trying to find an effective approach beyond simply opposing President Donald Trump and Republican policies.
Some Democrats have questioned whether House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi should be replaced to give the party new leadership heading into the 2018 elections.
What about news that the repeal and replacement of Obamacare before the congressional recess is questionable, but Mitch McConnell has learned enough by now to know that forcing the vote, when 8-10 Democrats have expressed an interest in working with the Republicans to get healthcare done for the American people, is more than the right thing to do! I say get these Democratic Senators on the official record so that their summer break will be memorable when those covered by Obamacare come out in numbers to greet their elected officials at the airport when they get home, and give them a little piece of their minds.
Pelosi and Schumer, along with the progressive death squads are intentionally doing nothing to help resolve the nightmare they shoved down the peoples throat back in 2010 known as Obamacare, and now calling the Republican attempts to bail the left out, murders of, according to Nancy Pelosi, hundreds of thousands, but what about the millions who will die because they don't have their doctors or plans that the left promised they could keep, but don't have any coverage at all, or can't afford any coverage if there was because of the cost, and then fined if you don't buy the coverage that you can't afford!
The Progressives keep doubling down and blaming the inability of the Republicans to get together to come up with a repeal and replacement plan to get rid of Obamacare, especially when they control the House, Senate, and the White House, but what the Dems and the American people don’t understand, especially after 8 years of Obama, is that the give and take of bipartisan negotiating in good faith is how the system has worked for over 240 years, and the American people are now witnessing what is actually the way the system is supposed to work. The ‘one size fits all’ Democrats where the ‘one size’ being Socialism, has, along with the 'Paid to Report' Media, become the opposition party against this country’s constitutional republic’s rights, freedoms, and sovereignty, and attacking everything and anything that President Trump says or does because, according to them, one hundred percent of the Deplorables, in the words of Hillary, are the ones ruining their plans to steal America’s exceptionalism, and replace it with 3rd world submission to the outside interests new world order!
Blind ambition is what the Democratic Party is all about today, and they won't take any prisoners to get what they want, and they could care less if anyone gets in their way and gets hurt, and that's why they've been feeding and leading the American people down the road to Socialism, and why they could care less that it is not something the American people ever would have accepted if they actually knew what was going on, especially when its being sold to the American people through personalized civil engineering through political correctness, and anti-American and Christian rhetoric by using racism, bigotry, and intentional feckless economics to force the 'will'  of the American people to succumb to the ones who knows what's best for the future of America, and YOU!
Progressivism has poisoned the old bipartisan Traditional Democratic Party, but I have to believe that they are not all going to follow Pelosi and Schumer’s off the cliff commitment to Socialism, and like President Trump, will jump off the fence on the side of the ‘Will’ of the American people, and crossover when the legislation on the repeal and replace vote in the Senate is taken.
 I don’t know if you remember this, but before the 2014 midterms Harry Reid tabled just about everything so that he could protect Democratic Senators who were vulnerable to be replaced to give the Republicans control of the Senate, but it didn’t work, so, now we should be going after those 10 Democratic Senators who are up for reelection in 2018 in the states that President Trump won handily during the last election, and show their constituency exactly how much they really care about the situation with the Obamacare death spiral, and their anti-bipartisan resolve that could get the great bipartisan train back on the tracks on the way to making America great again!
Possession is 9/10ths of the law, so when it comes to Obamacare and the hacking by the Russians, the Dems own it all, and as Rep. Adam Schiff, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said Sunday, that the Obama administration should have done more to counter Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election.
"I think the administration needed to call out Russia earlier, needed to act to deter and punish Russia earlier, and that was a very serious mistake," Schiff, of California, said in a televised interview with CNN.
Schiff added that President Barack Obama may have been worried that doing more against Russia would have looked like he was “trying to tip the scales for Hillary Clinton” and did not want to give in to the notion that the election was “rigged” against Donald Trump, according to The Hill.
President Trump criticized Obama earlier Sunday for allegedly doing “nothing” about reports that Russia interfered in last year’s presidential campaign.
“I just heard today for the first time that (former President) Obama knew about Russia a long time before the election, and he did nothing about it,” he said on “Fox & Friends Weekend.” “The CIA gave him information on Russia a long time before the election. … If he had the information, why didn't he do something about it?”
Trump suggested the media has underreported the story, while has rigorously pursued allegations that his team colluded with Russia during the 2016 race, in which he upset Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
The Washington Post reported Friday that the Obama administration hesitated to act on and speak about information it was given about Russia’s interference in the election.
The rapid pace of change in American life does not exempt politics. Witness how fast Democrats are cycling through scapegoats.
First came Hillary Clinton. When she emerged to gripe about all the reasons she lost last year, except herself, party activists told her to be quiet and go away. She has, for now.
Next came Nancy Pelosi. When Republicans won four contested special elections for House seats, disgruntled Dems turned their fire on their minority leader, telling Pelosi it was time to get out of the way. She refuses, for now.
And now comes Barack Obama. The former president, shredding what was left of his promise not to interfere with his successor, is joining the fight against the repeal of ObamaCare. He called the Senate bill an example of “meanness,” and pledged to campaign for the Democrat in the Virginia governor’s race.
For Republicans, luck can’t get much better. While Clinton and Pelosi were hardly innocent bystanders in the historic rout of Democrats at every level of government, the main culprit was Obama.
It was Obamaism, more than Clintonism or Pelosism, that elected Donald Trump and gave the GOP both houses of congress. The former president’s coercive liberalism at home and appeasement abroad led to the greatest upset in American politics.
His two biggest achievements, ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear deal, were sold on the backs of lies. President Trump is Obama’s legacy.
And now Dear Leader wants to “help” Dems again. Let’s see how many Clinton and Pelosi critics have the courage to tell him “No, thanks, you’ve done enough.”
Obama’s desire to re-litigate his tenure comes amid other signs that the siege of the Trump White House is lifting and the political momentum is shifting.
Suddenly, Dems are the fighting, fractured party with no agenda or leader while Republicans finally show signs of uniting their majorities to get big things done.
Indeed, Obama’s return to the fray coincides with a belated congressional focus on his administration’s misconduct on the Clinton investigation and his failure to counter Russian interference in the election.
Most ominously, the Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch impeded the FBI investigation into Clinton’s private server, with members from both parties raising concerns about her role. They cited accusations by former FBI director James Comey and a published report that Lynch promised a top Dem that she would not let the Clinton investigation go far.
It’s hard to believe Lynch won’t be forced to testify publicly, an event that would revisit all the suspect twists and turns of the Clinton probe, including Lynch’s failure to empanel a grand jury. She also should be asked what, if any, orders she got from a White House invested in a Clinton victory.
The role of politics also surfaced when Obama’s former director of Homeland Security admitted that the administration decided to withhold public discussion about Russian hacking because of its possible impact on the campaign.
“This was a big decision, and there were a lot of considerations that went into it,” Jeh Johnson told the Senate. “This was an unprecedented step.”
He said the White House feared that accusing Russia of interference might have looked like an effort to help Clinton, especially given Trump’s claim that results would be “rigged.”
Obama’s decision to wring his hands and take no action until after the election, when he imposed minor sanctions on individual Russians, might explain his team’s efforts to pin the collusion tag on Trump. Those charges, made mostly by anonymous leaks, are catnip to the Democratic media and distract attention from Obama’s failure to respond to what has been described as a Russian act of war.
Taken together, last week’s extraordinary developments are injecting a dose of reality into the Washington scandal machine. For months, anonymous-sourced reports about various Trump associates having meetings with Russian officials painted a troubling picture and led to the appointment of a special counsel.
But when the Obama team’s role is highlighted, it too, looks very troubling. The implications of the president being paralyzed because he didn’t want to give Trump ammunition are almost as grave as the still-unexplained surveillance, leaks and unmasking of Trump associates.
From here, it all looks like the Obama White House is guilty of playing politics with national security.
The possibility is worthy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s attention, who is so far exclusively focused on Trump’s team. That one-dimensional view must end.
Because Russian interference has been used only as a partisan club against Trump, the seriousness of the issue has not resonated with the public. This was indeed an attack on our democracy, and all Americans have a stake in making sure it doesn’t happen again.
But public trust can be earned only when the partisan mud is scraped away and all the facts given a full and fair examination. That means no sacred cows from either party and either administration.
Can Washington handle the truth? We’re about to find out. ~~By Michael Goodwin, a Friend of America!
Since we conservatives humiliated Felonia von Pantsuit last November, it’s been all winning, all the time, from Neil Gorsuch to crushing the liberal climate cult to appointing a Defense Secretary nicknamed Mad Dog who prioritizes annihilating jihadists over making the infantry more welcoming to people confused about whether they are boys or girls. But that’s unfair to the Democrats – as our liberal friends teach us, our success belongs to them too, just like everything else we earn, build, or create belongs to them too.
We need to share our winning. We need to be bipartisan-curious!
After all, Democrats are always offering Republicans helpful advice, like “Run away from the guy who beat The Smartest, Most Qualified, And Smartest Woman In The History Of Ever!” and “Reach across the aisle so we can grab your hand and drag you into our reeking cesspool of institutional progressivism!”
So, in that same spirit of cooperation and love, I once again humbly offer some ideas for our liberal friends to help them win in 2018, which still all boil down to this: don’t change a thing. It’s more important than ever for Democrats to maintain a steady course. Just ignore that iceberg up ahead; it’s probably racist anyway.
Look Democrats, you’re doing great. After a half year of Trump and several special election moral victories – which are the best kind of victories – America is digging your vibe. Everyone loves the Democrats and their can-do message of opposition to Trump, entitlement to our money, resistance to Trump, demands for even more of our money, and dog-whistlin’ about murdering Trump and anyone else who doesn’t hate Trump or want to give Democrats our money.
Keep Nancy Pelosi! She’s the strategic genius who brought you to the pinnacle of success upon which you perch today! And no, Georgia 6 was not her fault; global warming caused it to rain on election day, and you know how Nan and other Democrat women react to water!
Sure, the GOP tries to diss her, but what they call liabilities are really assets! She’s not a rich, ageing, out-of-touch San Francisco leftist who never met a bizarre lifestyle she didn’t embrace, nor or a traditional one she didn’t seek to crush under her stiletto heels. She’s a resource-positive, seasoned, woman-of-the-people – people who just happen to hate believing Christians and Jews, unborn babies, and America.
Doubt me? Then ask around Williamsburg or the Haight-Ashbury while you’re walking your animal companion to the fair-trade fruit co-op – everyone loves Nancy!
She’s a keeper. So, keep her!
Next, continue to stay focused on Russia, Russia, and more Russia! It’s working! People still care about it to the exclusion of all else – look at how much time Maddow spends on it. If the Rach Bomb doesn’t have her long, soft finger on the pulse of America, I’d like to know who does!
Need more convincing? Well, I recently visited a union hall in Wisconsin, which totally happened. There, beneath the portrait of Hillary that the steelworkers and construction journeyman ensure is garlanded with roses each morning, I shared feelings with the kind of workin’ guys Democrats love.
“My big issue,” said Gus, an autoworker, “is Russia! Sure, it’s been a year and no evidence has leaked out, but I’m still hoping for something, anything. And thanks to my job being outsourced to Juarez last summer, I have plenty time to focus on it!”
“Yeah, damn straight!” said Lenny the Teamster, smoke curling up from the Marlboro clenched in his meaty paw. “This Russia Trump treason thing is important to me, but not as much as making sure our society uses intersectional critical theory to fight the patriarchal paradigms that reinforce systems of oppression directed against womyn, trans individuals, and otherkins.”
“Down with phallocentricity!” cheered Gus, raising his Pabst. See, if you just address their priorities, the Rust Belt is ripe for the re-taking!
Which bring us to my last, and perhaps most important, piece of advice – keep accusing us of planning mass murder while you’re also giggling in delight every time some Hollywood moron starts publicly living out conservative killing fantasies!
There’s nothing that brings America together like telling half the country that its policy preferences are a thinly-veiled genocide scheme targeting people who don’t want to spend their own money to buy health insurance. Now, you already know this will help you Democrats with your base, since you are the party of people who don’t want to spend their own money to buy their own stuff. But it’s also absolutely, positively going to help with everyone else because there’s nothing that makes normal Americans reexamine their beliefs like the cool, rational charge that they are scheming to butcher thousands of innocent folks. I mean, I heard Elizabeth Warren say that and I thought, “Whoa, I better rethink my position because this proud Native American speaks some heap big truths.”
And your subtle justifications for murdering of conservatives? Keep that up too, because I have to tell you, we’re intimidated. So, what if that socialist centurion sprayed the ballpark with 100 rounds from a long gun and managed to merely wound a few targets before being dropped by a couple of cops armed only with handguns? Maybe by next time – and you’re doing your best to ensure there’ll be a next time – your swelling army of bangin’ Bernie Bros will have dramatically increased their tactical skills beyond what they learned in their gender studies seminars and from making coffees for people who drive Volvos. All we normals have to compete with that is years of weapons training, often from in the military. So, keep it up – threaten to make my cautionary novels about leftist tyranny a reality. That seems like a solid plan that will end well for you.
The bottom line is that everything you’re already doing is still fantastic. Why change? That would be an admission that you suck, and that can’t be a thing! No, it’s all the voters for being racist and sexist and transphobic and climate deniers and racist, but if you continue to call them out as the monsters they are, and show them that you have no intention of changing, they’re going to respond. And I think that response could be a wave election.
I’m just not going to say for whom. ~~By  Kurt Schlichter, a Friend of America!
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Friday, June 23, 2017


By Jonathan E.P. Moore, and Friends of America!

I can't believe that the Washington Post is trying to steal a little thunder away from President Trump and his signing of the largest legislation for our vets in the history of the Veterans Administration, but WAPO, choses to give Obama another headline for his already non- existent legacy. He didn't answer the bell for the 400,000 men women and children who he deserted and were murdered because of his inactions in Syria, so why wouldn't he 'choke' when dealing with the Russians when they supposedly hacked the election before President Trump was even in office? 
(CNN) A former Obama official said the previous administration “sort of choked” in its effort to punish Russian President Vladimir Putin over his attempts to influence the US presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor, The Washington Post reported Friday.
“It is the hardest thing about my entire time in government to defend,” the former senior Obama administration official told the Post. “I feel like we sort of choked.”
The Post report details how the CIA’s assessment that Putin was directly involved in a cyber campaign to disrupt and discredit the US presidential election in an effort to help Trump prompted the Obama administration to debate dozens of options for deterring or punishing Russia. Those included proposed cyberattacks on Russian infrastructure, the release of CIA-gathered material that might embarrass Putin and economic sanctions, the newspaper reported.
But President Barack Obama ultimately approved only modest measures: the expulsion of a few dozen diplomats, the closure of two Russian compounds, and narrowly targeted economic sanctions that some who designed them described as largely symbolic, the Post said. Another measure, the planting of cyber weapons in Russia’s infrastructure, was still in the planning stages when Obama left office. 

While some closest to Obama defend the response, saying that by late summer it was already too late to prevent troves of hacked emails from transferring to WikiLeaks and other groups, others expressed regret, the newspaper said.
Tony Blinken, Obama’s former deputy national security adviser, said Friday that the administration took significant action to prevent Russia from interfering with the electoral system itself. “We made massive efforts so they couldn’t do that,” Blinken told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on “At This Hour.” “This led to two things: President Obama issued a very stark warning to President Putin in September at the G-20 conference in China. What we saw, or thought we saw, after that, it looked like the Russians stopped their efforts. But the damage was already done.”
The report, which features three-dozen high-level officials, confirms what many Democratic lawmakers already believed about Putin, Sen. Jeff Merkley said Friday on CNN’s “New Day.”
“Nothing like the extensive hacking effort and manipulation effort could occur without his involvement,” the Oregon Democrat told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. “Now we actually know: Yes, Putin directed it.”
“He had a specific goal to defeat (Democratic nominee) Hillary Clinton and that explains the huge coordinated effort from the botnets to the trolls,” Merkley added.
Merkley and other Democratic lawmakers said Russia used extensive methods in the cyber campaign, including 1,000 trolls, hacking and bots to generate fake messages on social media.
Officials in the Post article suggested Obama struggled to find a way to respond to Putin without being so aggressive that he would be perceived as trying to influence the election in Clinton’s favor — a point Merkley echoed Friday.
“It is such a dilemma, because if he had acted aggressively, in a way that he had gone public and said, ‘This is why we’re doing this,’ it would have been seized upon as an attempt to bias the election,” Merkley said. “So, there was enormous bias in the election because of the Russians, but how do you balance that out without further damaging it? It is an extremely difficult problem.” Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Friday that he didn’t find the Post report shocking.
“I think President Trump was legitimately elected by people who voted for him, but this is a very serious issue about defending democracy and our country and integrity of the election system,” he told CNN’s David Gregory on “New Day.” “So we have to go back to countering Russia disinformation. Congress has to work with the White House to give them tools to push back. This is a very serious issue.”
The Illinois Republican, who serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, said Republicans must take the intelligence about Russia’s involvement in the election very seriously to protect future elections.
“The reality is, in two or four years it will serve Vladimir Putin’s interest to take down the Republican Party,” Kinzinger said. “If we weren’t upset about it, we have no right to complain in the future.” Also speaking Friday morning on “New Day,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway dismissed the idea that Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election. "I think it’s very important to show no nexus has been proven between what Russia or any other foreign government tried to do in the actual election result,” Conway said. “Really the only person making that case prominently is Hillary Clinton.”
“You’ve got everyone saying that there is no nexus, that not a single vote was changed and we’re going to stand by that,” Conway added. “We know that Donald Trump won fairly and squarely 306 electoral votes. It had nothing to do with interference.”

What's going on in the ‘New’ Progressive Globalist Socialist Party has to have had some effect on their base of what used to be Traditional Democrats that believe, like most Republicans, that America’s Constitutional Republic’s foundation is still more than alright with them. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck-e Schumer should give the inexperienced 'newbie' elected officials of the Democratic Party a chance to know what they got, and what it's like to be working together hand in hand with open minded Republicans to solve the problems that the Progressive left has set into motion, and against our founding father’s vision for America? It’s time for the leaders of the old traditional Democratic party to have that Progressive cancer eradicated from the Democratic body that used to believe in America, and use the time of needed in intensive care to get strong enough to be part of the solution, and not the one creating the problems for the sake of the 3rd world and the outside interests that only believe in sharing America’s assets and resources to bolster the lies and deception of other countries that didn’t have the opportunity to thrive under leadership that cares more about all Americans individual rights, the encouragement  and support to do it on your own,  and the tools and know how to get it done, and get it done on your own terms and time. 
It’s time to give America a possible bipartisan old traditional Democratic party a shot at being relevant, which is something that the current leadership haven’t been striving to do for the last 8
years, and after losing the House in 2010, the Senate in 2012, the White House in 2016, and a total of over 1,000 seats overall around the country because of their Socialist agenda, that these past 3 amigos, Obama, Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, and now Harry Reid’s clone of obstruction, Chuck-e Schumer, it’s time to throw in the towel and let go! It's time to allow the new age of Traditional Democratic Leadership to control the reigns of the Party, and allowed to assist the ‘New’ independent America First branch of the Republican Party to help make America Great Again!
I’m a registered Independent, and I agree that the two-party system with the few fringe parties being giving a boost because of the ‘message less’ aspirations of the ‘nothing’ new 'left,' but has decided to still double down on their clandestine agenda of the transformation of America to Socialism, and using division via political correctness to engineer an atmosphere of discourse and intolerance because of the differences of every social aspect of every American’s life. There was really any division and deception growing up on the east coast in Jersey, or even remember a line being drawn between the rich or poor, white or black,  Christians or Muslims, builders or obstructionists, and the Constitution Republic or Socialism, but if there was, which I'm sure there was, were usually worked out amongst the combatants, or at least addressed by the powers to be! I was part of the 'real' world from the late 1950's to the late 70's, after that you learn to adjust your ideas and beliefs through trial and error, and adjust accordingly, but I've never seen the conflicts that Obama's social engineering and political correctness has done to the circles I run in, and to this once exceptional country that has become the biggest envied and respected country in the history of modern times in the world today. 
I’m hearing this morning that there are 8-10 Democrats that want to assist in the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, but with the current leadership stifling common sense and rational thinking for the American people, especially when it comes to their healthcare needs, are forced to stand down and not contribute their 2 cents to repeal and replace the healthcare bill known as Obamacare, that was forced down the throats of every American!
The leadership needs to step down, and I’m talking about the Socialist Co-leadership of the DNC, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck-e (Cheesy) Schumer! Democrats need America to be great again, and they need to be part of doing that, but if the leadership is going to tie their own hands, and the hands of their 'newbie' followers who want to remain loyal to the Constitution and our Constitutional Republic, then it’s time for a political Party coup, and for their constituency to back the play through their vote.
If you have any common sense at all you would see that what President Trump is doing, and not being reported by the ‘Paid to Report’ Media is not all executive orders, but 39 (THE UP TO DATE OF EVERY PROMISE TRUMP HAS DELIVERED ON, AND WHAT THE MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU!)including the biggest legislation signed today to protect our veterans in history, and through bipartisan bills and regulations that have been set into motion by both sides and passed, but does anyone really think that the 'Paid to Report' Media will let you know about this better then great news, and President Trump delivering on another campaign promise?
Believe it or not there are Democrats out there that care about what this country needs to do to rebound from the worst unconstitutional President in the history of America, and a President that leader Nancy Pelosi snuck in under the radar when she knew he was a nationalized citizen, because of his father not being an American citizen, and not a ‘Natural Born’ citizen, which is a requirement outlined in our constitution to be President!
If the next generation Democrats forgive this person for what she's done to the Party, to the Constitution, and to America, then it's time to start thinking about an exit plan 'B' for a new, and more rewarding career!
The Democrats' comprehensive meltdown after their fifth straight election loss is a spectacle worth savoring. They're vacillating between denial and self-flagellation, between consuming depression and delusional optimism. Some are even blaming hacking for the loss.
Don't let them fool you; they did not expect carpetbagger Jon Ossoff to lose to Karen Handel in the special election for Georgia's 6th Congressional District. If they had, they would not have poured unprecedented millions into the race. No one but gambling addicts intentionally waste that kind of money.
For all the talk about President Donald Trump's being in trouble, the Democratic Party is on the ropes. Democrats are in the minority in the federal and state legislative branches, and they've now sustained five consecutive losses in special House elections. The Federal Election Commission reports that the Democratic National Committee raised only $4.3 million in May -- the worst May for fundraising since 2003. April efforts were almost as dismal.
I can't remember the last time I heard Democrats beating themselves up this intensely and openly. "Our brand is worse than Trump," Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said. "We can't just run against Trump." Ouch. Other Democratic leaders are signaling signs of mutiny against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
On the other hand, some Democrats insist these losses are a portent of great things to come. Former Sen. Barbara Boxer says Democrats will do fine in 2018. Likewise, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Ben Ray Lujan says, "The House is in play (in 2018)." He wrote, "I don't make this statement lightly -- I've never said it before. ... This is about much more than one race."
But Rep. Lujan, there hasn't been just one race; there've been five. If Democrats actually have unprecedented grass-roots energy and impressive candidates but still can't win, what does that say about your party's predicament?
Then again, Democrats can't even agree whether Ossoff was a good candidate. They expressed no doubts before the election, especially not to their witless Hollywood sugar daddies when soliciting funds for this mega-hyped wunderkind.
The Democrats' problem is that they are intellectually and morally bankrupt, as I argued in my 2006 book, "Bankrupt." It's not that they don't have policy ideas. It's that their ideas don't work, so they just attack and demonize Republicans. Though Trump is often a convenient target, they would (and did) crucify any Republican president in office. And despite the leftward cultural shift of the nation and their virtual monopoly on academia, the mainstream media and Hollywood, their polices are not that popular with the American people, so they can't afford to be completely honest about them.
Ossoff, for example, was hardly running as a liberal. Why would liberals tout a candidate who wasn't running as a liberal unless they knew he was pretending? More importantly, why would this darling of the left have run as a moderate -- unless he and his party knew he wouldn't have stood a chance had he run as a liberal Democrat?
The truth is not the Democrats' friend. They are engaging in stunning deceit over President Trump's alleged collusion with Russia and claims that he obstructed an investigation. Not only was there no obstruction but also Trump had no incentive to obstruct an investigation into something that didn't occur.
Even the Democrats' feigned outrage over Russian "interference with our democracy" is a sham. It would be one thing if the Russians had disseminated lies about Hillary Clinton, but instead they exposed damaging truths about her. Without defending Russian perfidy, did that actually hurt the democratic process in the sense of informing voters? What does harm the democratic process is the Democrats' assault on the integrity of the voting process, from blocking voter ID laws to facilitating the voting of immigrants who are here illegally. And if Democrats were so committed to the democratic process, they would quit trying to nullify the will of the people with manufactured Hail Mary impeachment attempts.
Truth be told, nothing would hurt the Democrats more than an authentic referendum on their policy agenda -- a legitimate unfolding of the democratic process they profess to treasure. Knowing this, they do everything they can to make elections about anything but their policies.
They know, for instance, that Obamacare is a failure and a poster child for failed liberal policies. Yet as premiums and deductibles skyrocket and choice and quality of care plummet, they barely concede that it is problematic. Their "policy" argument is to say Republicans want to hurt and kill Americans by repealing and replacing their abominable plan. On taxes, immigration and other policies, we are simply mean-spirited bigots. These tired lies are all they have.
But the Democratic establishment is nothing if not arrogant and unimaginative. Though focus groups and elections reveal that even Democratic voters are sick of these bottomless and unfruitful Russian investigations, they are going to keep beating this dead horse, hoping it comes to life.
Democrats are welcome to fool themselves into believing they've dealt Trump a deathblow, but his approval ratings aren't much lower than when he took office -- despite their endless slandering. They have nothing new against Trump. They are just recycling the criticisms they made during the election campaign, which he won.
Let the Democrats keep hallucinating and dissembling. Let them keep lying about Trump -- because with every passing day, their bankruptcy is more apparent. But in the meantime, pray that President Trump will resist the temptation to be distracted by these sordid Democratic efforts to undermine our democracy. Instead of focusing too much energy on defending himself, he needs to reignite a fire under the American people -- and particularly Republicans -- to move forward with his agenda. This week, with his uplifting speech in Iowa and the Senate's rollout of a health care bill, could be a promising reboot. ~~By David Limbaugh, a Friend of America!
Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) is reportedly feeling a bit alone within her party. She was one of the few Democrats who were not sold on Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election. In fact, she felt that Donald Trump would win. Representing district, where trade and jobs were key, where Hillary Clintons campaign more or less neglected, and where Donald Trump’s message of making American great again resonated—Dingell saw the writing on the wall if the Democrats didn’t change course. They didn’t. Trump won and now she sees her party as one that’s been hijacked by poisonous identity politics. It’s something that she feels will continue to be the cause for Democratic defeats in elections until there’s a purging of this sort of tribal politics.
Here’s is how she felt about her position in the party, speaking to The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart:
The Democratic Party’s in disarray,” Dingell told me in the latest episode of “Cape Up.” “I don’t know where I belong. I’ve said that. I sometimes feel like I have no home even in the Democratic Caucus here.” She went on to say, “We need to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and understand where their fear is coming from.” Dingell also added this: “We took people for granted. We, for a long time, thought we had that worker, men and women, that union worker. We’ve lost them because we stopped talking to them.”
During an interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin she said we have all these caucus for specific ethnic and racial groups, adding that we’ve lost that sense of “we” thanks to identity politics.
“Our strength comes in community, and that community of us. And sometimes I don’t feel like I belong in any of the little different caucuses, but I am proud Democrat who was sent here to represent the working men and women of my district,” she said.
Melvin asked if she was going to switch parties, given her isolation from the rank-and-file of her party to which she said she isn’t going to make news; she’s a proud Democrat and will remain so. He also asked if she felt identity politics have hijacked her party. Dingell said she was worried about this trend, noting that if it continues—her party will keep losing elections.
“I am very concerned that that is what’s happening, and that we are forgetting that our strength comes in being ‘we,’ all of us coming together. And if we don’t figure out how we become ‘we’ again, we’re going to keep losing,” she said.
In Capehart’s column, Dingell also stressed, “We’ve got to stop demonizing each other…we’ve got to figure out a way to tone down the rhetoric, that we have to stop this demonization of each other,” she said. “We have to find a way to respect each other, to listen to each other.”
If I lived in Rep. Dingell’s district, she wouldn’t get my vote, but she would get my attention. We don’t agree. I’m admittedly a partisan Republican—always will be—but we can have our views and still have discussions without throwing punches. And that’s the point Democrats seem to be missing.
You get a Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), Rep. Dingell, or any Rust Belt Democrat (what’s left of them) and elevate them—they could lead the Democratic Party out of the wilderness. These remaining Democrats now their constituents and know how to better guide the differing interests between the working class and the educated elite that dots the urban areas. Most importantly, they know that the Democratic Party needs a job-creating economic message that isn’t tethered to anti-free speech hysteria, transgender bathrooms, trigger warnings, lectures about so-called white privilege, or other aspects of the noxious ad authoritarian ethos of political correctness. Some of which I think is responsible for the intense political rhetoric we’re witnessing. The problem is that the D.C. elites still run the show, and they don’t see any value in reaching white working-class voters. They may see they do on television, but if they were serious, we would be seeing those dividends pay off in wining special elections. That hasn’t been the case. ~~By Matt Vespa, a Friend of America!
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