Thursday, April 20, 2017


By Jonathan E.P. Moore, and Friends of America!
Freedom of speech has become the cancer that has infiltrated our college campuses and the minds of our children. The transformation of homebound youth to adulthood and the world is now through of complicated and confusing maze of progressive ideals, and Socialist ideology.
Obama's intentional feckless economic policies have forced the hard-working parents of America’s future witness the hard times that have forced their parents on to the entitlement rolls, and Obama’s needed dependency on government to make the decisions in their lives to fulfil his transformation of America’s Constitutional Republic to Alinsky inspired Socialism!
The future of America has witnessed their parents go into hock to give them a shot at the American dream, they witnessed their parents losing their jobs because of cheaper foreign labor being rewarded a visa to work cheaper, and then watched as their parents were humiliated because they had to train their replacement to get a favorable recommendation to find a new job.
America’s higher educational institutions have become the breeding grounds for ‘what’s not right with America,’ and the lure of an alternative reality that relies on government dependency and becoming the go to mentor of how to run your own life. Hillary, following in Obama’s shadow government, that is still being funded through George Soros, has influenced our election for the last 3 cycles, but lost the 3rd, the one that would have put the nail in the coffin of America’s Constitutional Republic, so, if you believe the Russians and Trump colluded to take down Hillary and influence the last election, then think again!
These Universities and Colleges have been taken over by progressive liberals that have banned anything that has to do with conservative beliefs, and apparently, self-determination, which by the way, includes the American Dream!  The future of America depends on the fair and balanced introduction of ideas and free thinking free speech that are needed to free up ones understanding of the possibilities that lie before them, so, when do the parents, the rich donors and alumni who obviously achieved the American Dream step up to the plate and defend what has made America great for the last 240 years, and pull the generous contributions which are not being used for the future continuance of our founding fathers vision for the land of the free than, and what’s called America today?
I don’t know if you saw this today, but Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at U.C. Berkley, but after accepting all of the unrealistic guidelines set forth by the university to have her speak, is now outright cancelling out of keeping her, and the student body safe!  …. Really? If all entrants to the speech were told in advance that they wouldn’t be allowed to enter wearing a mask, and then thrown out if one is produced to hide their identity, and this being enforced by local authorities, I think that the problem would be resolved, maybe………
Financed Black Lives Matter along with similar anti-American anarchist’s ideologues, are being funded by the likes of George Soros, and hiding behind masks while destroying public property in the name of ‘free speech, but what's unbelievable here is that they're fighting against the same constitution that gives them the right to free speech, and their right to protest!' I was encouraged this morning when I saw police forcing these people to take off their masks before entering a rally, if they didn’t they couldn’t enter, but if they did, they could, and I say bravo to that!
Does anybody out there, after witnessing the anti-conservative platforms that are presented to the future leaders of our country, think that Trump colluded with the Russians to beat crooked Hillary, her illegal server, her collusion to undermine Bernie Sanders in the primary, or her lying about Benghazi, her losing $6 billion when Secretary of State when ISIS started its reign of terror, and everything else that I don’t have the time to go over?
I think that the supposed ‘influence’ of our election charges against Trump and the Russians that’s going on in America today has nothing to do with the last election, but the future of America’s youth through America’s higher education’s liberal agenda and teachings by the Progressive professors and board members who are trying to ensure that America eventually makes its way onto the compliant Socialist country list of the non-fiction/fictional new world order!
If Trump would/could tax or fine the endowments of these possible left wing progressive liberal platforms that don’t give conservatism a voice in the argument over the future of America, then the ‘Wall,’ upgrading the military, and helping achieve the mandated repeal and replacement of Obamacare, by the American voter, then we could get back to being America again, and respected in the eyes of the world.
The next question you should be asking yourself is about the amount of federal aid, grants, scholarships, and federal financial aid are these institutions being given, and being given through the unknown generosity of taxpayer’s dollars? The next question you should be asking yourself is about what countries are donating, and what countries are being, like Obama at Columbia, being taught the same radical ideologies by these progressive liberals, like Obama was when spending years getting his political science degree, under the tutelage of Cloward and Piven, Alinsky’s disciples? 
The top 10 largest college endowments:
1. Harvard University: $36.4 billion
2. Yale University: $25.6 billion
3. University of Texas system: $24.1 billion
4. Princeton University: $22.7 billion
5. Stanford University: $22.2 billion
6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $13.5 billion
7. Texas A&M University system: $10.5 billion
8. Northwestern University: $10.2 billion
9. University of Pennsylvania: $10.1 billion
10. University of Michigan: $10 billion
I was a baby boomer and brought up during the Korean War, and up for the draft in the late 60’s for the Vietnam War. I was lucky with my number being in the 350’s, but a lot of my friends were not, but like WWI and WWII, Korea, and the Vietnam, they were all fought overseas, and not here on American soil! I believe that 911 showed us how vulnerable we are, how the bureaucracy of American Intelligence’s inability to share information due to their egotistical ‘pissing contests,’ prevented the plot to be exposed and stopped, but don’t worry, it’s not like todays version which is completely different. Today we have 17 intelligence agencies that are complicit and politically motivated, and still infiltrated with Obama’s progressive leakers, and shadow government hacks!
Today’s millennials need a little pro-American therapy, and a chance to know the lies of the Obama inspired Socialist agenda isn’t telling them, and then showing them what the American Dream, Bill of Rights, and our Constitutional Republic, complete with Constitution, stands for, and what it represents to the ‘free’ world. 
America is the best country in the world. That’s what they tell us in school, right? America is the big brother of the world, the protector, the watchful eye and strong arm keeping evil at bay.
But what happens when the protector is hurt?
On Sept. 11, 2001, those images of America did not seem so simple anymore ––we were wounded. Two planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, marking the first attack on American soil since the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941.
For a majority of the population, it was the first time they did not feel safe in their country. This was a new feeling. Never before had they been scared to go to work or to send their children to school for fear of terrorist attacks.
Now, 13 years later, the generation that grew up in the new America is coming of age, the one with a heightened fear of terrorism. If you are 20 years old, you were only seven when the towers were struck. Many college students today were too young to even remember where they were or what they were doing when the towers collapsed. We are the first group of people who have grown up in post-9/11 America.
Though life in the U.S. –– and the world for that matter –– was completely changed after the attack, one of the most dramatic consequences of 9/11 was the Iraq War, or even broader, the War on Terror.
“Big events like 9/11 don’t so much shape a generation as reveal a generation,” author and historian Neil Howe said in a Huffington Post article from 2011. “Generations are shaped by their place in history, and it’s an orientation that starts in childhood. Prior to 9/11, Millennials were already well on their way to becoming an entirely different generation than the ones that came before.”
Each generation is characterized by conflicts, and the reactions to those events define that generation. For our parents, it was the Vietnam War. For our grandparents, it was World War II. For us, it’s 9/11 and the Iraq War that resulted from the attacks.
As millennials come of age, statisticians are starting to compile a profile of our generation. By looking at the profile, it is clear that we were impacted by 9/11 and the subsequent events.
For example, millennials are not supportive of the more assertive security techniques the government used following 9/11, and they are not supportive of the U.S. remaining in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Pew Research Center.
Just as much as crises themselves shaped a generation, people are defined by how they react to these events.
Vietnam-era young people — mostly Baby Boomers — reacted to the Vietnam War by protesting and holding demonstrations. While this method is still used at times, millennials have turned to the Internet as a means of both communication and activism.
For example, Pew reported — and election statistics agreed — that millennials are more likely to align themselves with the Democratic Party. Two-thirds of young people who voted in the last election voted for Barack Obama. If you look at Obama’s Facebook page, it has around 30 million more likes than that of his 2012 opponent Mitt Romney.
Though Facebook likes do not ensure a presidential victory, millennials are not just showing their political support online.
They don’t make up the majority of voters in the U.S., but more young people are voting today than the young people of previous generations, according to Pew. Obama’s election is indicative of this because the 2008 election was the first election in which a substantial number of millennials were of voting age.
Obama’s election is also indicative of millennial’s overarching views on foreign policy. In the 2008 election, when Obama ran against John McCain, Obama stressed diplomacy and more non-violent techniques in foreign policy. Though people don’t vote on foreign policy alone, research shows that millennials agree with a less militant approach to foreign policy. The Pew found that millennials have abandoned the idea that military strength is the best way to ensure peace. In fact, around 66 percent of millennials say that an aggressive, militant approach to stopping terrorism leads to hatred and, in turn, more terrorism.
9/11 and its effects have presented millennials with the challenge of living in a country that is still entangled in a foreign war they do not support. How, then, can millennials react to this challenge in a way that allows their views to be heard while also improving the country for all people?
The PHOENIX Editorial Board believes that millennials should continue the trend they started of being politically active as well as active online. As the first generation to raise with computer technology, we must use it to our advantage. With advances such as social media and instant news, we have access to intimate knowledge of international conflicts. We can see the effects of violence across the globe. Now That we are coming of age, our cohort can start to enact real change to create a better country and a better world. ~~By Phoenix Editorial Board, Friends of America!
You don’t need to be Democrat/Socialist or Republican to be a Loyal America to our Constitutional Republic and Constitution, and should not only be angry that our elected officials have either succumbed to the radical changes in America, believe America is not exceptional, disrespects the rule of law and the Constitution, hates that our powerful presence in world is interfering with the ‘New’ World Order, or just plain greedy and need an ego boost, but whatever reason you want to believe in  just know that it’s not going to go away by staying asleep and allowing complacency to continue to permit what’s been going on in America for the last 8 years to continue. If not for yourself, do it for your children that are inheriting the leadership roles of the their own future, and the future of the most exceptional country in the world! 
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